BOANDIE - Hospitality and Local Mercantile

Our Story

Our Story

How BOANDIE Came to Be

We believe that the key to success in life is giving good service. How this can best be accomplished is by being able to view things from the beneficiary’s perspective. We believe that is key to making a good product or offering outstanding service. As we brainstorm together about our business ideas, we consider the experience of the customer first. Everything else comes after that.

How We Choose Our Products & Services

Our products and services are a combination of ideas we have both had brewing for years. Though our professional careers have taken us various routes, after becoming empty-nesters we realized that we can now devote some of our “extra” time to ourselves and our shared dreams. It manifested as BOANDIE.

Our Personalities Are Reflected in our Business

BOANDIE is a manifestation of the combination of each of our personalities. We work out our differences in the home office and the result is a product that reflects both of our interests. We consider risks, do lots of strategizing and work to create a product that looks as close to perfect as we can get it.

Goals for BOANDIE

We want to nurture our current product line and grow in a way that supports our mission of providing products and services that help our customers to be the best they can be. Our goal is that our customers receive so much joy from our products that they feel compelled to share their experience with others. We want to create long-lasting experiences full of happiness and satisfaction.

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